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Origins and History

Glen of Imaal Terriers

Glen Traits:

Willingness to work and please the owner.
Duffy was easily trained to do a non-traditional farm job, which was to keep the pigs
inside their pens when the gate was opened for feeding. Pigs always want to rush out and
get to their food fast!
With the right timing of encouragement and a few “no” commands during
training, Duffy quickly learned that she was not allowed inside the pen without being
invited by the owner. So, she never crosses the threshold of the gate.
Duffy is not afraid of a mob of animals bigger and heavier than herself, and she is
persistent in her work.
Laid back.
The most important characteristic of a working dog is its self-control. Duffy does not
go crazy just barking at the gate. She uses only as much force as required by the

See some Glen traits in action in our Glen Video.

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Glen Sketch