[ rolled collar ]Glens tend to have good appetites and efficient metabolisms. Their food should not be too rich or abundant. Please give them sufficient exercise to prevent getting fat. This will extend their lives and help prevent health problems. Adult Glens would appreciate a brisk 20-30 minute daily walk, and are capable of more. Although Glens don’t particularly care for hot weather, some have made adjustments to tropical areas.

[ slicker ]Grooming is simply a matter of an occasional bathing and brushing as frequently as your tastes desire.
A slicker works well for brushing.

[ rake ]If the coat gets long enough that it mats often, it is probably time to strip the dog. This is a simple procedure requiring an hour or so for an adult Glen.

[ Glen Sketch ]
It involves pulling out the long hairs of the outer coat, and it does not hurt the dog if you wait until the coat is ready to be stripped. If the hairs don’t come out easily, the dog is not yet ready to be stripped.