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  • Diligence Best of Breed Merrimack Valley Kennel Club 010618

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Ara Lynn was named a Life Member of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Club of America on October 9, 2010 for her “dedication, unflinching honesty and personal sacrifice in the service of our beloved breed.”

At Liberty Kennel we breed only Glen of Imaal Terriers. We can’t imagine having any other breed of dog. Glens are smart, funny, stubborn, headstrong yet compliant characters. The most important trait for Glen owners to have, is that you are able to be firm and consistent enough to be recognized by your Glen as the boss.

We always talk to prospective owners by telephone, ask and answer any questions, to ensure that a Glen is right for you and that we can make the right match between your family situation and the individual Glen. We help guide you through your Glen’s puppyhood via a series of care and training emails.

We breed one to two litters per year. Normally puppies are available sometime between late summer and early winter, depending on the year. Once we have bred a female, she is pregnant for 9 weeks and we let her puppies go to new homes after another 9-10 weeks. All of our puppies come with a veterinarian’s health certificate, first vaccinations, worming, microchip, and AKC registration. We do ship puppies as needed.

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Cullain in the snow