The American Kennel Club, or AKC, is by far the largest dog show organization in the United States. There is also the United Kennel Club, or UKC, which also holds both conformation and performance events, in a more relaxed, less formal atmosphere. And before Glens became officially recognized by AKC in 2004, I traveled up and down the east coast so I could show my Glens in the American Rare Breed Association shows, or ARBA. The advantage of AKC is that now I don’t have to travel so far to show my dogs, and I can show much more often if my schedule allows. Outside of the US, many countries that hold dog shows participate in the umbrella organization Federacion Cynologique International, or FCI, where participating dogs can earn both national and international titles.

030427 Penn Treaty Kennel Club
I personally show my own dogs (owner-handlers are required in UKC shows). I’m not the most skilled exhibitor but I try to have fun. This is a picture from 2003, one of the first shows when Glens were allowed to compete in AKC’s Miscellaneous Class, prior to full recognition. Mrs. Peggy J. Haas was the judge, next to her is my beloved and dearly missed late mother, Mabel Beal Meyer, who helped me for years by so graciously and promptly answering my email dog inquiries and who accompanied me to many dog shows, just so we could spend some time together. And then there is me. The Glens are Seyla and Maizey—Mom’s holding Finnabair Seyla, and I’ve got Liberty’s Mayflower.

Below is a list of Glens I have owned or bred that have Championship and/or performance titles. Dogs with links have pictures. (It’s taken awhile for me to learn the importance of pictures!) Glen Farm and Liberty are my Kennel names, meaning those dogs were bred by me.

970427 Arba Cherry Blossom Classic Otto Baileborough Prince
1997 ARBA, CRS CH Baileborough Prince

AKC CH Ballylfoyle Blue Boy
04103 Montgomery County Kennel Club Ballyfoyle ScoobieAKC CH Ballyfoyle Scoobie

AKC CH Daulton Deliver’s Patience
051204 Worcester County Kennel Club Finnabair Seyla
AKC CH Finnabair Seyla

ARBA CH Glen Farm Jake
ARBA CH Glen Farm Katie
ARBA CH Glen Farm’s Mad Max
ARBA CH Glen Pastures Duffy
Liberty Belle
1997 FCI World, FCI Int’l, PR, ARBA, CRS CH Liberty Belle

AKC CH Liberty’s Aengus of Daulton
131013 Greater Lowell Kennel Club Barkley
AKC CH Liberty’s Barkley

090926 Lewiston Auburn Kennel Club Clear Vision Mercy
AKC CH Liberty’s Clear Vision

AKC CH Liberty’s Colors of Keadeen
AKC GCHS CH Liberty’s Darren of Daulton CA
AKC CH Liberty’s Eagle Eyes
AKC CH Liberty’s Faith THD
AKC CH Liberty’s Glenbride
ARBA CH Liberty’s Jeanne Shaheen
AKC CH Liberty’s Kayleigh of Daulton
Liberty’s Kiss Of Kismet MX MXB MXJ MJB OF

Liberty’s Listerlin SE
AKC CH Liberty’s Oh Be Joyful Daulton
120914 South Shore Kennel Club Liberty’s Padraig
AKC GCH CH Liberty’s Padraig

110807 Cheshire Kennel Club Liberty’s Patriot of Daulton
AKC UKC CH Liberty’s Patriot of Daulton

Liberty’s Phineas T Prowess Of Makin People Happy CA
ARBA CH Liberty’s Rosaleen O’Maranda
AKC CH Liberty’s Santa Maria
1995 FCI World Youth Winner, FCI Int’l, Danish, ARBA CH Sensei’s Bounty

ARBA CH Siobaun of Shannon
AKC CH Sir Jameson Liberty Davis