Liberty Glen of Imaal Terrier puppies are whelped in our bedroom and raised in the house until they are old enough to explore out of doors. Their mother then teaches them to hunt and to learn Glen ways. We take great pride in our experience with “matchmaking” and can provide you with the right dog when you tell us enough about yourself and your expectations. Dog personalities begin to develop around 5 weeks of age; we make firm opinions on show/breeding prospects at 8 weeks; puppies go to their new homes starting at 9-10 weeks (weather permitting for airline travel). All puppies will have been started on their shots and will come with a veterinary health certificate and full instructions from us on care and training. When your Glen of Imaal Terrier comes from us, we provide ongoing support and advice for any problem that may arise throughout the life of your dog. If for any reason you cannot keep a Liberty Glen, it must be returned to us.


Glen of Imaal Terriers are still quite rare with a small gene pool worldwide. Although it is a tough and generally very healthy breed, it is, like any other animal or human, a living creature. This breed is just getting established in the USA and we do not yet have extensive knowledge on potential inherited health problems.

At Liberty we are very interested in Glen health issues; we participated in PRA research and we screen our breeding stock for standard canine health problems like eyes, hips, and elbows. We stay in touch with other breeders and our pet owners and collect long term health information on Glens. We breed for healthy dogs and we try to in-breed as little as possible because our philosophy is that more genetic diversity leads to healthier individuals. However, our only health guarantee is that will never go blind from crd3, which is the Glen form of PRA, that it will never develop DM or Degenerative Myelopathy, which can cause nerve deterioration and paralysis, and that your dog will arrive in good health. You will have 72 hours from your dog’s arrival to confirm this fact by bringing your new dog to visit your own veterinarian.


Our pet puppies cost $3500; show prospects start at $3900 USD. Pets are not for breeding; if you think you may want to breed down the road, you should ask for a show prospect.

Shipping options are now even more limited.  As of 2023, Ara Lynn is no longer comfortable shipping puppies in cargo, even nonstop flights.  There are only two airlines we can use, and although they are both good, and there is too much unreliability due to weather and unexpected flight cancellations.  If you do not drive to pick up your puppy, here are your options:

1. Bring your puppy home with you on the airplane.  If flying with your puppy in cabin, you have a much greater choice of airlines and routes.  Glen puppies up to the age of about 10 weeks will fit into a carry-on pet bag and can accompany you in the passenger cabin. The closest airport if you will be picking up your puppy and bringing it home with you in cabin is Manchester, NH (MHT)–45 minutes to an hour.  Boston (BOS) is also an option–1-1/2 to 2 hours.  Hartford CT (BDL) is 2-2.5 hours.

If you want us to meet you at the airport, we charge $150 transportation fee to bring your puppy to you at curbside.  We also charge this curbside transportation fee if you use a pet nanny service.

2.  If you cannot pick up your puppy in person, we recommend using a pet nanny service.  Actually, one of the retired flight attendants now working with Travelers Care owns one of our Glens!   Visit or call 844-909-0101.  They can transport pets domestically and internationally.

Other costs:

Liberty Kennel takes care of your puppy’s AKC registration, microchipping, first vaccinations, worming, and health certificate. You will need to provide us with your veterinarian’s contact information and the official AKC registered name you want for your puppy (you can decide after you receive your puppy). The total costs for AKC registration & 3-generation pedigree, microchipping, and vaccinations are $225.


Occasionally we will have an older Glen available. Expect an older puppy to cost the same as a young puppy. Costs for adult dogs will depend on the circumstances and age of the dog. If you are interested in an older dog, submit an application form and note your requirements. Availability of older dogs is unpredictable; be prepared to wait.


Puppies from Liberty Kennel are usually available annually during summer, fall or early winter months. We recommend putting your application in ahead of time. During the springtime and early summer we are attending to our greenhouse business, and may not be as prompt at getting back to you during that season. (If you are an existing owner of one of our dogs and need advice Ara Lynn will make time for you even during greenhouse season.)


If you are interested in becoming an owner of one of our Glens, please fill out the online application form.  Be sure to sign up for the puppy update e-newsletter when you receive your “success” notice upon submitting your application.  The e-newsletter is how I let folks know the status of an upcoming litter.  I only send out an e-newsletter when I have news, so your inbox will not be inundated with excess email.

Once there is a litter safely on the ground and I have had a chance to review your application, the next step is chatting by telephone. Then, if I think we will be able to provide you with a Glen that will meet your needs, I will send you a copy of the contract, which you return with payment. If you have questions or want to make sure I’ve received your application, telephone 603-878-3552 (land line, not text capable).

Mailing address:
Ara Lynn
202 Poor Farm Road
New Ipswich, NH 03071 USA

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