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Brought to you by: Liberty Kennel – breeding Glen of Imaal Terriers since 1989

Welcome to this unique, intelligent, sometimes stubborn, strong, funny, loving breed that can plumb the depths of your soul. Glens are not all cookie-cutter alike. They are characters. Glen of Imaal Terriers are the only dogs we breed, because we think Glens are the only breed worth having. If you think we are strongly biased, you are right. Ara Lynn has been a Glen of Imaal Terrier breeder since 1989, so she’s experienced a lot of Glens over the years. She freely shares her experience with her new owners to ensure they have success with their new family member.

So again, welcome! Browse our pages for lots of information about the breed. Here you can learn about the breed characteristics and care, health, history, see a candid gallery of our Glens, and learn about Liberty Kennel, including our gallery of Champions. Sign up for the Glen Gathering Newsletter. Check out our availability for Glen Terrier puppies and older Glens. We are in the process of revising our website so if something seems outdated, you can subscribe to our RSS feed to be informed weekly of the updates.

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About Glen Gathering

Glen Gathering 2010

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Glen GatheringThe Glen Gathering is a social gathering of Glens and their admirers, with pot luck lunch, hands-on grooming demos, a chance to sample fun activities you can do with your Glen, and plenty of conversation about Glen of Imaal Terriers! Glens. Glen owners & admirers are all welcome.

The Newsletter informs you of dates, locations & activities for upcoming Glen Gatherings. A Gathering is held annually in New England, and others are contemplated for the midwest and the west coast of the US. The Glen Gathering is a completely volunteer, shared activity, and we welcome new volunteers. Please visit for more information, and please Contact us if you are interested in volunteering.